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I want a tool that will eliminate paperwork
and give me more time to discover.


 I want to accelerate my time to market
and reduce the cost of research. 

Enter the digital age of chemistry

Enovalys takes all chemical reactions--both failed and successful--and aggregates them. Chemists can use Enovalys’ patented search engine to search these data, and avoid replicating history’s failed experiments.

eNovalys provide two products: 

  • LabBook: a web-based, secured ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), including a chemical management system and ensuring your work is IP compliant.
  • LabSearch: find the optimal way to design any reaction based on our extensive database, containing both successful and failed unpublished experiments.

Enter the future of science and join our digital community. 


Happy Customers



“Importing our molecule inventory in eNovalys has helped us become more efficient and avoid wasteful orders"

Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize, Faculty of Chemistry of Strasbourg


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    Frank Hoonakker,   CEO    Dream of a better world.    LINKEDIN


Frank Hoonakker, CEO

Dream of a better world.



Jean-Christophe Chalté, CTO

Never say no, all is always possible


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Alain Wagner, Sci. Consultant

Idea generator, can never stop