If you are working in a lab, you know how hard it is to keep record of what you are doing every day in your paper notebook. eNovalys is offering LabBOOK, a tool that allows you to gain time, do more science and publish more interesting papers.


According to us, this is the 6 most annoying things you will encounter in your lab (and that eNovalys can help you to prevent): 


1. Not being able to read the work of your team


Get all the experiments of your lab standardized, no matter if a teammate has an illegible handwriting or organizes his work in a different way: with eNovalys each page is readable and always organized in the same manner.


2. Losing a lot of time copying / pasting old experiments


If you are making a lot of experiments and have to scale up or exemplify, you know that copying / pasting an experiment in your paper notebook can take time. We have calculated that in average 15 minutes are needed to copy an experiment, it can represent 20 days of useless tasks in a team of 10 people per year. What could you do with this additional time ? With eNovalys copying an experiment to scale up takes 1sec, the time it takes to click on the button. 


3. Making calculation mistakes


We know, you are perfect and never make mistakes (at least your boss should not know it) but doing calculation mistakes is very common and it can ruin your work and make you lose your time. eNovalys helps you with this and allows to make the calculation for you, just tell him the reaction you want to do and the proportion needed, eNovalys will do the work for you.


4. Not finding the #@!...-& product that you need now


Working in a team is motivating and can be an awesome experience but there also is some drawbacks. Have you ever searched for a compound and didn’t know where it was to finally find it on the bench of another teammate ? With eNovalys and our integrated chemical inventory track your chemicals and know how much is remaining and who has used it the last. 


5. Redoing others’ mistakes

How often does it happen that you start an experiment by strongly believing that this catalyst with this solvent will work perfectly and it never does ? Did you notice that it’s always one or two weeks later that you discover that some other chemist already had the same idea, tried it and proved that it’s not working ? What if you could be able to access the knowledge of your lab and take advantage of the other’s mistake ? With eNovalys it’s possible, thanks to our search engine made to use also the failed experiments. 


6. Redoing your experiment because you missed an analysis


This is particularly annoying when your are about to write a paper or your thesis. Where is the analysis that I need to include ? We know that it’s not easy to keep record of this piece of paper. At eNovalys, all the analysis are uploaded and linked to the experiment that they belong to and then are accessible wherever you needs them. Moreover, we have a push notification system that warns you if you have undone analysis.