eNovalys is specialized in the management of scientific data for chemists. We have developed an ELN for chemistry and a search engine able to take into account both success and failed experiments. 

Today we access only 3% of the scientific knowledge produced and we inevitably repeat the same mistakes over and over, just because we don’t know these are mistakes. By doing that, we lose time and money in the race of developing new drugs.

eNovalys can help you with both its ELN (LABBOOK) and its smart search engine and database (LABSEARCH).

eNovalys will help you to resolve the following annoying problems you can encounter in your lab :

1. Improve quality and secure your work

Quality is a major concern if you work in company, that’s why you took a lot of time to define process and good work practice. eNovalys help you to achieve this task by having a standardized format of fill you ELN, making it readable and easy to understand. Besides, all the analysis are linked to your experiment and uploaded on the server. This make your data secured and available anytime anywhere.

2. Don’t lose time anymore doing low value task

    If you use a paper notebook, you often had to copy/paste your experiment in order to exemplify or scale-up a reaction. We estimate you can save 1 month per year of manpower, just by having a clone button (for a team of 15 chemists).

3. Use the failures and discover new knowledge

    Today, in the scientific publication, we can only access to the bests experiments that others scientists publish. It represent only 3% of the knowledge, even in your own company. What would is possible if we could access (and smartly use) the other 97% ? That precisely what LABSEARCH is for. Find the best way to make a new molecule by using the knowledge in your database. In the future it will also be possible to exploit the data of the whole community of researcher who will publish their data (both failed and success).

4. IP compliance and CFR 21 part 11

eNovalys is strictly following the CFR 21 part 11 recommendation to ensure that your data are IP compliant and can not be contested if you patent something.