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Q: I need Silverlight and Java, but these plugins are not supported yet by latest browsers

Yes you need to install FIREFOX ESR 52 (32 bits): https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/#legacy

We are currently working to release our next version on eNovalys which will remove all the dependency to Silverlight and Java.


Q: Solutions to try if eNovalys does not work on your system

Before all you should make sure you have the latest version of Silverlight and Java correctly installed and activated in browser plugins.

If IE is used, make sure eNovalys is in your trusted sites :

  1. Go to Tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Trusted sites -> sites.
  2. Add https://www.soft-enovalys.com/ in Trusted sites
  3. Make sure "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode" is unchecked for trusted sites.


Q: Can I use Chrome under Mac OS?

No. Chrome is not supported by silverlight 5 on Mac. Please use Firefox or Safari.


Q: How to deactivate Java warning?

To disable Java warning, go to Panneau de configuration ( category Program ) (Java preference for Mac) -> Java -> onglet Avancé -> Vérification de sécurité du code mixte -> check “Activer : masquer l’avert.et exécuter avec des protections”


Q: How to fix print issues ?

Make sure blocker of pop-ups is deactivated for eNovalys.

Sometimes in IE, it is necessary to configure security settings:

  1. Go to Tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Trusted sites -> sites.
  2. Add https://www.soft-enovalys.com/ in Trusted sites
  3. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted sites -> Custom level…
  4. In the "tree view" look for Downloads -> Automatic prompting for file downloads and enable the option.

Q: I can't draw a reaction, how to fix it?

First please try to empty the cache of browser and restart browser.
If you use Mac OS Mavericks‎, please verify in Safari Preference=>Security=>Internet plugins=>Java is always activated for www.soft-enovalys.com.

  1. Make sure blocker of pop-ups is deactivated for eNovalys.
  2. Go to following site to test if Java is activated. If not, activate Java.  http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/search/substructure/SubstructureSearchPage
  3. Go back to eNovalys and accept all security warnings.


Q: I can't save my experiment which contain R-group or other features, how to fix it?

Some structure features are not supported (for example R-group in a reaction). If you want to use a special feature please contact us to see if we can add it in the future version.

Q: I see empty page after login, how to fix it?

eNovalys saves temporarily the current experience. This allows to restore the work in case of power failure or connection failure. To enable this feature, you have to:

  • Activate silverlight stockage (right click on anywhere and choose silverlight=>stockage to check www.soft-enovalys.com is in the list.)
  • Permit the browser to save history
  • Prevent private browsing (use ctrl+alt+p in Firefox or tools menu to enable and disable private browsing).


Q: Why I can't upload a file under Mac OS Mavericks‎?

In Safari, Preference=>Security=>plug-ins internet=>Silverlight =>choose "Mode non sécurisé" for www.soft-enovalys.com.


Q: eNovalys products compatibility?

eNovalys Software requires installation of the Silverlight plug-in 5 (or higher) and Java 1.6.0 (or later said java 2) in its 32 bit version. Configurations tested and validated by the Company are as follows:


  • Windows: XP sp2/sp3, Vista, 7, 8    
  • Browser: IE 8 and +, FireFox 6 and +, Chrome 18 and +


  • Mac Apple: Leopard
  • Browser: Chrome 18 and + (Silverlight 4)


  • Mac Apple: Snow leopard, Lion, Moutain Lion, Mavericks
  • Browser: FireFox 6 and +, Chrome 18 and + (Silverlight 4), Safari 5 and +


Q: Which drawing software is used by eNovalys to enter and/or seek for chemical structures?

Default drawings software is MarvinSketch from ChemAxon company. The software is supplied as a Java applet and made available to users of eNovalys products.

ChemDraw plugin is supported since the version 03.01.18. But please pay attention : 1. You should have ChemDraw plugin pro installed on your computer. 2. We have tested the latest versions (v.12 and v.13) and it works both on PC and Mac, under IE, FireFox and Safari. Other old versions are not tested so they are not recommended to use.

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